I'm seeing all these problematic things abt bukowski and I know you are NOT a mysognyist and I was just wondering your opinion

I actually want to reply to this in detail and I’m in bed already on my phone, but I will write you a proper response tomorrow.

Who is onision

Onision is a Youtuber and content maker. When I started watching him, most of the videos were comedic and musical, and eventually he became a rather militant vegan and generally terrible person. 

Have you had psychedelic experiences? Share them with me!

59, 118, 119?

59. Do I have any strange phobias?

I wouldn’t consider them strange. 

118. Had a crush on a person of the same sex?

Many times

119. Learned another language?

I know a little French. 

10 12 14 16

10. How tall am I

I am 5’4

12. What time was I born

Idk, sometime around 5 AM on November 9th, 1991. 

14. Do I have a crush

Crushing depression, yep.

16. Favorite Place

Wrightwood and Arcata, CA